About company

Private enterprise "Sivulia" was founded in June 1990. At the first stage of development of our enterprise, the main activity was the processing of wood - the most natural material that is so rich in our area. Now, we have high-tech equipment and professional staff, so we are able to meet the most demanding needs of our customers. The new stage of development of PE "Sivulia" was the production of wooden houses from glued beam, according to individual projects. The decision to start such a new activity for us was not accidental. According to sociological research, 60% of Ukrainians would like to live with their family in a cozy, modernly furnished detached house. With a number of important advantages, our homes have actually become an alternative to an urban apartment.

Our services

Bent glued structures and large beams.

Bent glued structures are high quality and technological products made of wood. The purpose of which is to cover long distances at a future object. The final product can reduce the load on the foundation, be protected from the harmful effects of the environment. Also suitable for arenas, bridges, large halls or lounges. Easy to handle, durable - that's the best feature.

Wooden houses made of glued beam.

Glued beam houses are eco-friendly, reliable and quick to manufacture construction . The advantage over a solid timber board is that our boards are dried up to 10-12% humidity in special chambers. Then they are tested for defects, cracks or other inconsistencies. The use of expensive bonding agents makes the construction durable and resistant to fungi or frost.

Frame houses.

Frame houses are durable structures. Their peculiarity is the erection of finished elements of the house directly on the construction site. Advantages are speed of realization and work at any time of the year. Panels are also mounted on European technologies when we work with frame houses, which improves the thermal insulation and ventilation of the premises.

Wooden windows

Wooden windows are an important element of home decor and style. High-quality glass will be a great thermal and noise isolaition, which is not inferior to the best plastic counterparts. If your home or cottage has a lot of wooden products and furniture, then using these windows will only complete the image.

Wooden doors

Wooden doors are a good and premium product for your home. They have a good isolation and great appearance and also complement the taste of the owner. Ventilation and the home's internal ecosystem depend largely on the door and its quality. Doors are made of pine and oak with different types of decorative glass. Individual design is also possible

Wooden furniture

Wood furniture has been in use for a long time because it is of high quality. The strength of these furniture has been tested for years. They will serve you for a long time while maintaining the beautiful appearance and functionality. They are suitable for most home interiors, and their ergonomic design is always relevant and appropriate for home using. If your home is already dominated by wood products, then it will be a good complement to the style. And the last thing worth mentioning is the ease of repair and practicality of our products.

Our projects

Our advantages


We have been working since 1990. More than 150 projects have been created.

Complete construction cycle

We choose the wood ourselves, process it and install the houses.

Quality materials

We use only Carpathian wood.

European production technologies.

We work fast and with high quality due to modern German technologies.